3/18/2006 4:33:03 PM
Dear Friends, Recently, about 3 month ago, I had discovered interesting information on the web about the rare fruit: Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana L.).Researching more deeply about this unique and spectacular fruit – the QUEEN OF ALL FRUITS, I had learned that this delicate fruit form the Southeast Asia has outstanding healthy medicinal qualities. Mangosteen fruit contains very powerful antioxidants that protect our body at cellular level! Those very powerful antioxidants called-xanthones. Mangosteen fruit has been found to contain over 40 xanthones which you may have heard of as phytonutrients. As a result mangosteen research has led to the use of mangosteen fruit as a dietary supplement .Further more researching on my own, I had discovered, that I can use the benefits of this extraordinary fruit in a liquid form-Vemma Nutrition Program. Vemma Nutrition Program provides two powerful liquid formulas that make it easy to get vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that our body needs to form very solid nutritional foundation. Vemma Nutrition Program is powerful milti-vitamin formulation and contains 12 full-spectrum vitamins in a base of antioxidant-reach mangosteen fruit and mangosteen pericarp (rind) extract, whole leaf aloe vera and decaffeinated green tea. I’m almost 50 years, and I have been working very hard every day for 15-17 hours a day for many years. And because of this very intensive working schedule I had created a lot of anxiety and stress problems. For some years I was not able to sleep well-only no more than 4-5 hours a day, all my body was itching with some kind of needle sensation and because this has been accumulated in my system for so many years I was very irritated and fell tired for many years. It was a suffer I could even describe in a few words. I was taking Paxil medication that was prescribed by my doctor for about 3 years. So, I had decided to go to my last resort and use Vemma Nutrition Program. After only few weeks of taking this liquid ones a day, I had realized that all my anxiety problems that I had suffered from for many years had diminished and some even completely gone away, and most importantly my sleep has dramatically improved! After only few weeks, I had stopped using Paxil, and I’m not using it already for 2 strait months! I started having more energy, have better health and after so many years of suffer from anxiety, stress and depression, I’m finally feeling better myself. I’m totally alive, I ‘m totally new person now and I have new life! TO ALL OF YOU, MY DEAR FELLOWS: GET HEALTHY, AND GET WELL! For more information please visit my site: TEL: 415 706 8368
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