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What Do You Get When You Plant The Seeds?
9/8/2020 1:17:48 AM
There is a lot to be considered in planting the seeds

Certainly you need to think about what you do before you plant the seeds. You need to lay the groundwork. It would be worthless to spread grass seeds in the middle of a rocky road. So if you have done the groundwork ahead of time and applied the seeds, is that it? No! It takes a lot of follow up. It will need a lot of tender loving care, plenty of water, and pulling of weeds as seen above. You may also see that some adjustments need to be made to the water system.

The same things need to happen in Network and Affiliate Marketing. You need to do a lot of work ahead of time, presenting something attractive that your targeted list of prospects will want for themselves.

I am a co-owner of Veteran Surf with my partner Greg McClinchey.

I help Greg with the admin of 3 other sites.

These are Traffic Exchanges where the members can place ads to the programs that they are promoting online. To get people to look at the sites that they are promoting they can either purchase credits at a very reasonable rate or do what we call surfing. That is clicking on a matching icon which brings up a website that they look at for a short length of time.

It does not take long do decide if it is something that they are interested in or they move on to the next site.

As owners of the traffic exchanges we work with other TE owners and set up Special Joint Promos where we award the surfers extra bonuses for completing the promos. Here is an example:

Special Promo

You have 0 Days - 1 Hours - 18 Minutes - 19 Seconds left
to complete this promo and claim a reward.

Surf 100 Pages At Each Of These Exchanges: ... Complete ... Complete ... Complete

Get 75 Credits or 150 Banners or 300 Text Links.
Each of the different TEs offer additional incentives to reward the members for surfing

You have earned: USSIndependenceDailly150

Now last but not least there are a lot of seeds planted by those presenting their attractive sites. When someone opts in and signs up for what they are offering they need to follow up and connect with those who join. I would go a step further and say to get the best results if you are signing up for one of the programs that you get to know the person that owns the program. There is a lot more to consider also and some that I may not of thought of or had time to put in here. You are encouraged to click on New Reply below and add your thoughts on the subject.

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