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I am the original Creator hashtag #Ghetto_Chuckies #JazNiche #Networking
4/4/2020 3:09:39 AM
In a conversation with my baby boy's Godmother, it dawned on me that I have created a new HASHTAG.
There are some very, despicable children, in my community; who really represent their parent/guardian ... children are without GROUNDED parental supervision ...

Anywho, I created the hashtag in a Facebook post, and Googled IT and so far there's ONE HIT ...

Posting my ORIGINALITY here ... for another hit ...

I have been a community member here before FB developed 💃💃💃🍀👁️👁️😁

RE: I am the original Creator hashtag #Ghetto_Chuckies #JazNiche #Networking
5/1/2020 2:24:43 AM
Currently disturb by #Ghetto_Chuckies
trolling the neighborhood ... I stopped edging my lawn for the sun is going down and I don't want to be TAUNTED.

I have been watching the kids since 2017 ... Same year DeKalb County expanded ankle bracelet system ...

Witnessed 3 of the kids jumping neighbor's six-footer fence, I called out for them to stop ... LOOKED at me and jumped anyway ... Yes, I called police who took forever it seemed to arrive and after he did was not really concerned ???

I walked around and informed neighbor who purchased pad locks for the out side handles.

There is more for this post will edit to add later

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