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JV Offer - Best of eBay II
3/10/2006 10:22:10 PM
Hi Team, Want to JV with me? I'm writing to you today with an exclusive invitation to partner with me for a major joint venture coming up in a few short weeks. This event could mean some BIG commissions in your pocket in a short period of time. Last time this event was held, 400 affiliates immediately jumped on board. And when it was all over, many took home large 4 figure commissions. Interested? The only way you can get in on this is by invitation-only. So here's your chance to get on board immediately. This event is the sequel to Dave Lovelace's huge Best of eBay event held back in September, 2005. If you missed it, Dave convinced 10 top auction experts and coaches to donate one of their quality products to create a limited-edition "Ultimate Auction Training Toolkit" for a drastic discount for 7 days. Thus the name "Best of.." If you missed it the first time, here's your chance to cash-in because Dave is going to launch the Best of eBay II on April 11. Just look who is already involved: Jim Cockrum Mike Enos Tim Knox Sydney Johnston Skip McGrath Joel Peterson Jason James Barbara Ling etc Check this out. You can profit in 3 ways by promoting this event. 1 - You'll get paid 50% of all sales generated by you (that's a minimum of $48.50 per sale) 2 - You'll also earn 25% from sales generated by those who you invite/refer to promote this event. 3 - Dave is putting up cash Bonuses for the top 3 promoters! Best of eBay was a huge success and created alot of buzz and excitement back in September. I'm seriously expecting that to increase this time around, so I knew you would want to get in on this limited JV event. Here’s where to sign up as an affiliate: By the way, Dave will be providing all the promo emails for this event. All you have to do is copy and paste. It's just that simple. Good luck! Warm regards, Larry Sturgeon The Solutions Team.
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