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4/3/2019 11:23:33 AM
If you remember me from about 9 years ago I was hugely active in trying to get people to buy my ****.

Never really worked as I was doing it all wrong getting all distracted and joining every program and site out there. or at least i tried.

Failure was certain with the spammy methods of sell sell sell.

The best way to not fail is to provide value in the marketplace!

Have a product that anyone who is serious about making it online will sooner or later need.

Let me ask you have an autorepsonder? Your own domain and website?

If those answers are both no....then you need a rethink on how to make it online.

Promoting an affiliate link or program link is a total waste of your traffic and efforts.

You need lead generation and lead capture pages, autoresponder follow ups, etc to capitalize on the traffic you generate.

Get serious, get consistent, take action and the world is yours no matter your niche!

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you!

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