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Shortcuts To Awakening! Fast Track Into Pure Awareness... Stillness... Peace!
6/25/2018 2:46:20 PM

Our friends at iAwake Technologies’ latest offering is a set of four guided meditations created and narrated by best-selling author Jonathan Robinson (Find Happiness Now, The Technology of Joy, et al.).

These guided meditations are supported by powerful iAwake brainwave entrainment tracks.

Those of us who use iAwake products on a regular basis know that there are many reasons to use this technology, such as increased focus, creativity, intellectual capacity, and stress reduction. However, as the title Shortcuts to Awakening suggests, these tracks are spiritual tools for spiritual awakening, which means awakening to the realization that you at your deepest essence are a consciousness that is much greater than your individual ego self. This is what the great wisdom traditions have pointed us to, and “Shortcuts” provides the tools to get us there now.

Shortcuts to Awakening can assist you in:

  • Knowing your true nature as pure awareness
  • Experiencing deep peace and love
  • Letting go of negative thoughts
  • Letting go of negative stories about yourself, others, and the world
  • Disidentifying with physical and emotional pain
  • Overcoming deep-seated fears, to include the fear of death
  • Consciously connecting with your Higher Power
  • Speeding up the process of awakening

"StillPoint presents the best of the self-hypnosis techniques--progressive relaxation, mantras, counting down exercise. Solid and practical. Love the heart center meditation. Depth and breadth that's invigorating. Pure Awareness ... my physical body and brain floats in feel good bliss. Everyone deserves this meditation.

Shortcuts to Awakening: Guided Meditations with Brainwave Entrainment Designed to Fast-track You into Pure Awareness, Stillness, and Peace.

Jonathan has created just what the title suggests: shortcuts to states of awakening that, with time and practice, will lead to higher stages of an awakened life—which is most often the primary goal of our meditation practice. image These tracks are fun to use, and I think you and your community will find them extremely helpful, effective, and beneficial.

Thank goodness for guided meditations."

~ Abigail

Check It Out:

Shortcuts To Awakening! Fast Track Into Pure Awareness... Stillness... Peace! iAwake Technologies.


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