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6/2/2018 1:50:32 PM

We are getting a real good response to those beautiful full color Jumbo Postcards for Share The Pride. That's what I responded to when I first signed up during our Pre-launch. I mailed that postcard back to the company along with $39.95 to order one of our T-shirts.That order also set up my 1st earning center in our exciting 2 x 12 forced matrix pay plan where you only need two people to qualify for commissions on all 12 pay levels!

My sponsor, who is direct to the company tells me he mailed 500 of them and I can see in our back office that he has sponsored 45 people! So, we know this is working big time!

It took a while to get the marketing website up and running, but it is up now and those same postcards are now available for all members.

You can take a look at those postcards on our Marketing Website.

You will need to get signed up before you can order postcards.

You can do that here:
My ID# is 10027

I look forward to welcoming you as a new member!

Don Evans

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