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Bingo! - MLMGateway & The JOKERS NETWORK - A Real Good Combination!
3/6/2018 12:16:30 AM

MLMGateway has turned out to be a real good place to make contact with people who are looking for a good Work From Home opportunity as well as those who are new to Network Marketing and promoting one opportunity or another that is most likely not going to work for them long term. Thus, a good place to find people you can recruit into YOUR Work From Home opportunity. it is absolutely exploding with new members coming in every day!

Go here and sign up first. It' free.

I am promoting the JOKERS NETWORK there and building a real good WARM prospect for when we launch which is scheduled for the 1st of April. You can promote whatever you are working with there now. Or, you can consider working with me. I am one of the Founding Members of the JOKERS NETWORK

After you get signed up, click on this link to see a Business Announcement I have posted there.

This Is It - JOKERS NETWORK New Pay Plan Announced

Then take a look at this one.

5 Good Reasons You Should Join JOKERS NETWORK Now

And this one

2 More Reasons You Should Join JOKERS NETWORK Now

All the best to you, and those you love,

Don Evans

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