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2/27/2018 10:31:36 PM

Take a look at this jokes of the week page for the JOKERS NETWORK. Especially those two videos down at the bottom of the page. Both of them are only about a minute long, but they are really funny. I laughed so hard I almost wet my pants when I first saw them! One of them is “A match made in Heaven!” and the other is “A novel way to tell the time!”
If you decide to sign up you will need my ID#. That is G0000033

NOTE: You can use this same email to send to people you know or anyone else who has a good sense of humor OR who might be interested in this EASY and FUN way to make some money.

NOTE 2: You can sign up for FREE now. The annual member fee will be $25 on the 1st of April when we officially launch. The Founder Member fee is $90. You pay that when you sign up if you want to be one of the Founding Members AND earn a percentage of all company profits ... forever.

NOTE 3: Click on this link to see the business opportunity and how we get paid on 10 pay levels! That is the old pay plan. and it is reflected in pounds and U.S. dollars. That currently says $18, but it will be $25 before we launch. And it will be only in U.S. dollars. So, that will need to be changed before we launch. Still, it gives you a good introduction to the company and how the pay plan works.
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