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The Shocking Truth About Immigration & Welfare
1/28/2018 1:42:11 PM
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Note: 2 - Remarks below the link are from those who watched the video. What do you think?

Stefan Molyneux

The Truth About Immigration and Welfare

This is startling, and very disturbing info. Why doesn’t the lame-stream media report any of this?

Thanks for making this informative video--I had absolutely no idea how disproportionate welfare usage was in the American population!!??!! Facts/truths can be uncomfortable when they go against your personal narrative of reality, but isn't it better to be equipped with the truth? Decision etc...depends on having accurate information to begin with.

Medicare/Medi-caid recipients no longer have coverage for glasses and the dental care has gone to hell. Only completely incompetent dentists will except the Medi-caid so that more immigrants and refugees can be kept in style. Handed everything they don't deserve. I am in San Diego. Try getting a job at the welfare department without speaking Spanish. It can't be done. Social Security recipients will only get a three dollar raise this year. Since refugees aren't eligible for Social Security, CALPI was created which is Social Security for refugees. Mexicans are all over who are in wheel chairs, are disfigured, or walk with crutches. It will come to your town next.

I am in a latino based fraternity at SJSU and when I posted videos about illegal immigration by Stef, and stated, "I'm all for immigration, just do it legally". I got bombarded with emotional responses from many of my brothers, some who happened to be illegal immigrants as well. I was asked those brothers to watch the video and listen to the empirical evidence that was given with the sources. OMFG! I got hate from many bros and "friends" from facebook. Stating that they couldn't respect me as a bro, I hated myself, I hated my culture, that I'm ignorant, racist....which is weird because I'm half Mexican. At first I was responding to about 30 different people. Felt like an outcast. I also got bombarded with sob stories, but I asked them to take the emotions out and look at the facts...a few people did, but the majority did not. I'm so sick tired of people throwing out RACISM!!!! BIGOT!!!! just because I have a different view on things. What's funny is for weeks I felt bad a bout it....Did I do something wrong...Did I offend people??? It started to effect me. While the mature brothers told me not to worry about it because they dont know how to express themselves, and were getting emotional. But I shouldn't have to apologize for my beliefs! I feel like sharing this video, but now I'm uncertain......And what pisses me off is that the Media DOES NOT give the facts! The bane of society's existence!

This is open warfare. Immigrants used to come here and add to our economic prosperity. Now they come here to literally steal roughly 10% right out of my paycheck. And that percentage increases every year.

3 X 10 Matrix

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Lets look at a 3 x 3 matrix.
I get 3 people who read this message who agree to pass it on
1 X 3 = 3
3 of those pass it on to others and get 3 more people who agree to pass it on through 10 levels.NOTE: We know it is not going to happen exactly this way. Some people will not get 3 and some might get a whole lot more. We want to get the Make America Great Again information out to as many as possible.
3 X 3 = 9
9 X 3 = 27
27 X 3 = 81
81 X 3 - 243
243 X 3 = 729
729 X 3 = 2,187
2,187 X 3 = 6,561
6,561 X 3 = 19,683
That's 29,493 people who have read it. And it continues to grow through infinity!

Don Evans
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