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Thank You Mr. President - Two & 1/2 minute video
1/25/2018 10:09:26 PM
Make America Great Again - Breaking News Today - 1/25/18

NOTE: 1 - This message is also posted in my Make America Great Again forum and we welcome your comments there!

Note: 2 - Remarks below the link are from those who watched the video. What do you think?

Thank You Mr. Prisedent - 2 1/2 minute video

1st time I ever voted in my life was for Trump. He's got my vote again.

Even a Mexican like me acknowledge these accomplishments, we also need less taxes and regulations.

I heard Rush Limbaugh saying yesterday that one reason so many people 18 and up to 30 were taken in by Clinton, is because they didn't live when Bill and Hillary were in power.. or they were to young to have paid attention to Politics.. Over the years the media and comedians. where sadly those young people, including 2 of my own children, get their news.. have been feed a constant diet of liberal and socialist propaganda... Older people, for the most part had a knowledge they didn't have.. For god sakes.. I remember when Hawaii and Alaska became states... when we all respected the American flag.. and admired our Presidents... Hell I had a sixth grade teacher who remembered seeing Buffalo Bill in his wild west show... My grandmother watching Ute Indians on their hunting trips walking through the woods at the edge of the meadow from her cabin window.. I'm 72 years old.. I have had a full life. Modern kids just don't have the life experiences that we older people had... It's sad.. but now they're seeing the economy picking up and jobs starting to build.. they're starting to catch on.. Sorry.. it's a passion I have for the truth.. I'm so tickled that Trump is exposing that which many of us have known for years and have been frustrated with.

It's a good time to be American, Love from UK, I'm visiting the USA in Feb and I can't wait

god bless and Respect and support from Norway!
Don Evans
The Freedom Loving Country Western Cowboy
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