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WARNING - Watch Out For The Biggest Scandal In American History - 1/23/18
1/23/2018 11:54:54 AM
NOTE: Remarks below each link below are from those who have watched the video. What do you think?

Sean Hannity
The Biggest Scandal In American History

I just hope the new DOJ gets the job done and heads finally roll. We have enough evidence, time to lock em up. And for the love of everything holy, RELEASE THE FREAKING MEMOS!!!

Why do you people keep up Watergate as a comparison to the criminal activity of the DNC?THERE IS NO COMPARISON. .Quit making excuses..Hitlarry is by far more criminal. .

JESUS...Reveal this SATANIC REGIME (Globalist, Elitist, Leftist) bring it all to LIGHT!! God Bless America, President Trump & his phenomenal team!! God Bless You HANNITY!!! Keep up the GREAT JOB!!!

Tucker Carlson
Illegal immigration's Impact on Minorities

Your great Tucker. All you guys in Fox

Send in the marines to apprehend that CA Attorney General charge him with treason and hang him high at noon.

H1B Visas... the worker brings their children (public schools, healthcare), spouse, 4 parents/in-laws and we all pay for their (4 elderly) Social Security, public housing, SNAP, medical coverage for all these older people WHO NEVER PAID INTO the system... yeah, MicroSoft, Google, FB, YT, Amazon, Apple . . . .


Laura Ingraham
New Sheriff In Town on Trade and Immigration

Trump, Trump, Trump End DACA now. Build the wall,
Hard to get why media doesn't call this what it is . . . a COUP ATTEMPT. America has a VERY clear set of rules on the subject. A rope is involved.

Watch out folks. The left is not stupid. They are crooked as a dog’s hind leg. They will keep up this obstruction and distraction because they don’t want Trump to drain their stinky swamp. And the longer it takes, the more they are attempting to cover up the crimes they are guilty of. #drain the swamp #build the wall. #deport the illegal immigrants

Democrats claim the the Dreamers are all valedictorians, or in the military. So, Trump and the Republicans should agree to keep the ones who are valedictorians and U.S. military, and send the rest back. According to the Democrats, about 90% fit into these two categories, so give them these people, which probably makes up 1% of the 800,000.

Don Evans
The Freedom Loving Country Western Cowboy

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