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Maintaining Our Sanity In An Insane World
1/22/2018 1:25:00 PM
Maintaining Our Sanity In An Insane World


The other day I watched a 31 minute video by Stefan Molyneus, the well known philosopher where he talks about how crazy our society is now and asks some of the same kind of questions I have been asking myself since I was a young kid. The first one being, how can I maintain my sanity and be a well adjusted member of this crazy, mixed up society at the same time? The video runs for about 31 minutes. About 15 minutes into the video, he talks about our president, Donald J. Trump and whether or not he is complete control of his mental faculties. And pretty much sums it up by saying that the president is an entrepreneurial genius.

These are some of the comments posted by people who have watched the video.

Hello, I'm a mental health therapist, MA LPCC. Thank you for validating my feelings and my reality in such a clear articulate way. I work with children and the real insanity is the system and the people completely brainwashed by it. It is so sad and sick. It is a traumatizing field for mental health professionals like me trying to maintain our sanity and help people in an insane system. Thank you for sharing I really enjoy your videos.

Brilliant analysis, Stefan is a stable genius himself. He has changed my life. Some questions remain, a) who is behind the press and the swamp. b) what will be their next move. In Denmark where I live 85% of the "press" is pounding Trump 24/7 CNN style and there is nobody opposing them, it is horrible. The same for the Swedish and German "media".

All members of congress should undergo the same testing as Trump did. I allude to Maxine Waters, Pelosi, and McCain especially,

Spot on ! The swamp creatures must call Trump crazy. It is their only defense ! The last thing that these swamp creatures want, is REAL accountability ! GO GET THEM MR. PRESIDENT !!! GOD BLESS AMERICA !

This is the link for the video.

What do you think?

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