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Make America Great Again - Breaking News
1/12/2018 2:52:13 PM
NOTE: Remarks in this next 4 are from people who watched the video. What do you think?

Sean Hannity - Fox News Today January 11, 2018 - Deep State Corruption.
We the people will have to build a new prison just to house all the people in Washington that so deserve to spend the rest of their lives there!!!! We as the everyday working class people have always known that many in government are corrupt, but now it is obvious that it has been so much worse than we could have ever known.....

Tucker Carlson - S***hole countries
Why can't we be honest and say countries with predominantly black and brown population are less advanced in every way than those populated by whites? Is this not obvious? The s***hole countries are s***hole because of the people. Otherwise, they can be a paradise from the natural point of view. If we let those people become the majority in America or in Belgium, they will turn these countries into s***hole too. Why some people take issue with truth?

The Ingraham Angle - DOCA and The Wall
President Trump knew exactly that this 'farce' would come about and show the American nation how deplorable the Democrats are in terms of their affiliation to Law and Order, legal immigration procedures and the Security of the nation with their demands!!!!

Thank you Laura, this country need more people like you, thank you for telling the truth and keep informing the citizens whom were mislead for so long . Especially, on immigration issue is facing this country now , it is very dangerous now for this country either we work together and make this countrygreat again or will be worse than s,,,,,,,,,,,hole coutry.

These Democrats are still desperate to push for an OPEN BORDERS policy without saying it! The centerpiece of the Democratic party platform boils down to unlimited ILLEGAL immigration specifically to increase the Democratic voting block! They want to save the DACA "dreamers" AND their parents! They want to save refugees with TEMPORARY status! They want to do ANYTHING to increase the Democratic voter base with an unending flood of MORE immigrants and NO BORDER WALL!

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