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Let Me Introduce You to Weed Weasels Kind of Explains the Progressive Left
8/29/2017 7:10:13 PM

Weed Weasels, Statues and the Truth

By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

So…today it’s statues that are being removed. Statues of Confederates to be precise, and why? Because some people claim to be offended by them.

It’s a conundrum really.

The terminally offended, which one can most usually find in the deep weeds of their natural habitat…on the left side of the political aisle…say that those statues, of Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis and the like just have to go. They must be removed because they are tangible reminders of the era of slavery.


Reminders of slavery? So, if those statues are removed…what? History is scrubbed clean of the stain of slavery?

It doesn’t work that way.

Statues or not, slavery existed in our country way back when, and it will have always existed as a matter of history. Let me provide a few examples…at one point in our history, people thought it was fashionable for men to wear powdered wigs, silk stockings large buckles on their shoes. That of course, was before they realized it looked silly, and they quit doing it…but it’s still a part of our history.

Slavery in the south was, at one point, thought to be necessary for the southern states to be agriculturally productive in order to keep economic pace with industry in the northern states. That was before Eli Whitney said, ‘Keep your cotton picking hands off my gin,’ and the south discovered they could keep right on growing economically without slavery after all.

The natural enemy of cotton production in the era of slavery was the boll weevil, and today the natural enemy of sanity is the liberal weed weasel.

Times have changed.

Today’s weed weasels want Confederate statues removed because, they claim, those statues represent a culture of slavery. What they won’t admit is that those statues actually represent their own political party’s history, as those southern states, back in the day, were all run, and populated by democrats…and those statues they now want so badly removed are statues OF democrats.

What today’s liberals are hoping you won’t notice is that they are claiming their own cultural history is offensive to them and they would rather not be reminded of it every time they see a certain face cast in bronze, or a certain flag.

The very same weed weasels who are demanding

May Wisdom and the knowledge you gained go with you,

Jim Allen III
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