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Real People, Real Results! From Scientist & Engineer To Life Coach & Energy Heal
7/10/2017 2:47:27 PM

Real People, Real Results! From Scientist & Engineer To Life Coach & Energy Healer... Money Started Flowing!

Real People, Real Results


We received a message from Chile written by an Achiever, Julie Z., via NeuroGym’s Facebook community the other day.

And we want to share with you her experience Winning the Game of Money (WTGM).

Here’s what she had to say:


I went from scientist and engineer to life coach and energy healer.

How did that happen?

When everything started to crumble in my life (divorced, lost my job, my house, no source of income) I started making cupcakes and selling them door to door in order to feed my three small daughters.

Justkept going and looking for and expecting to find better opportunities. Just a lot of hard and never giving up.

Then one cold and grey winter day I asked myself, if I could do the one thing that I am most passionate about, what would that be?

That was simple!

Teaching and uplifting people with the Law of Attraction!!!

I started teaching at no cost (while selling cupcakes) to people I knew and after a year I started to receive small payments.

This was 15 years ago, and one thing led to another and coaching grew, slowly but surely. I became a certified coach.

Then I came across WTGM and then the number of new clients just skyrocketed in less than a year!

You come into this life with natural preferences and gifts that are yours to discover in your life. Pay attention to personal hints of things that interest you or come easily and dare to explore them.

Your likes and interests then lead you gradually into what excites you, and that leads you eventually to what you are passionate about.

THEN your passion becomes your MISSION in life!!

And when your passion is orientated in finding out what you can make or provide that other people value . . .

THEN money starts circulating!!

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Have fun exploring and growing what you have to give!!

Dare to be different!!

~ Julie

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