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7/6/2017 9:15:50 AM


How very true, there are a lot of people around who feel that the world owes them.

Owes them what exactly?

I remember in my youth watching a news program (I don't recall which one) Where a teenager was sitting with his father and the presenter was asking the teen why did he feel that he didn't need to get a job?

The boys answer was simple and to the point. " I was not asked to be born so why should I."

What stuck in my mind was not my fathers angry out burst at the television! But the total arrogance and lack of respect the teen had towards his father and the establishment.

I reflect back to that time and look at the world today and think WOW how many others are doing just what he had said back then. Everyone seems to want something for nothing, few are prepared to work for their dreams and yet expect the world.

However you cant rely on the word of others either. I know that from personal experience having been let down on several occasions even from trusted sources. People have their own agendas and sometimes you only fit in when it helps or suits them.

What I'm getting to is


You have to do it yourself.

When it comes to trading this is something that you really have to do yourself. You need to learn, learn and learn. However you need to find a reputable company that are willing to teach you and then you need to practice, practice and practice. You can't rely on others to trade for you and certainly do not trust most so called account managers offering great rewards with guarantees?

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They have people there almost 24/7 during the trading day to answer your questions and will even do a one to one screen share and show you where you may be going wrong.

OH did I mention that the training is FREE

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Dex surpasses all others.

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