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6/4/2017 4:07:18 AM

To Take back Control Of Your Life You MUST Take Back

The Control Of Your Mind.

This is the primary goal of the great publication, 'THINK AND GROW RICH" by Napoleon Hill.

Or minds are bombarded everyday with Positive and Negative information and these thought impulses are powered by positive or negative emotions. Negative information backed or powered by Negative emotions build in our subconscious mind, developing limiting beliefs which limit our ability to discover the success and passion in us. How we program our minds (conscious and the subconscious have an impact on our ability to reach goals and find success and the ability to take action.

Through Think And Grow Rich and the application of the ‘Master Mind Principle’ I overcame a great obstacle that plagued the vast majority of Network Marketers, picking up that 5,000 lb. phone. Most of the opportunities and systems out there do not deal with this problem, they claim they have eliminated this step but that is not beneficial to team members that they sign.

The sad part is, that in the end they are told they need to pick of a phone. They try to teach them tactics to outsmart the fear. They tell you be afraid but do it anyway. it does not impact the subcsious mind. In Think And Grow Rich we learn through applying the prinicples in it, we can achieve and overcome.

The thing that I must impress is that I was not trying to get rid of the fear, it just happened. After a while the training and mentorship just actually worked. With training, mentorship, and accurate and truthful information, I have found the success that is inside of me. So the road to success starts inside us. I am ever grateful for the help I have received.

Another sad thing is that people scan the internet to try to find a way to be successful, not knowing success is already inside of them they just need a guide, support, and encouragement to help them discover its location and how to access it. They have looked everywhere seeking success except inside themselves. My hope is that many who join us will discover theirs. It will take time for some and a longer time for others, so we must allow time for each other, and give encouragement. I will start by saying:
I Believe In You.

Michael Dennis

Charlotte, NC.

"You do not need to change a thing, 'YOU' are perfect just the way you are. Your Lack Of Success Is Not You Fault" Michael Dlouhy

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