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#Jan_aka_Jaz #SFI_International "The Missing Entrepreneurs 2017"
12/15/2017 8:17:06 PM

The Missing Entrepreneurs 2017

Policies for Inclusive Entrepreneurship

05 Dec 2017

The Missing Entrepreneurs 2017 is the fourth edition in a series of publications that examine how public policies at national, regional and local levels can support job creation, economic growth and social inclusion by overcoming obstacles to business start-ups and self-employment by people from disadvantaged or under-represented groups in entrepreneurship. It shows that there is substantial potential to combat unemployment and increase labour market participation by facilitating business creation in populations such as women, youth, the unemployed, and migrants.


#Jan_aka_Jaz #SFI_International ~~~ at the beginning of 2nd Year
5/5/2018 1:15:48 AM
I am now beginning my second year as an SFI Affiliate ...

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RE: #Jan_aka_Jaz #SFI_International ~~~ at the beginning of 2nd Year
3/5/2019 3:20:04 PM
I have leveled up to Executive Affiliate, 2nd time and
am Commissioner of two game leagues.

Current ACTIVE Affiliates are welcome to join either league, login info in
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RE: #Jan_aka_Jaz is ready to Coach #SFI_International_Affiliates
4/30/2019 10:27:18 PM
Celebrated 2nd Anniversary 27 April 2019.

.... still checking in DAILY💻🙋👍
RE: #Jan_aka_Jaz is ready to Coach #SFI_International_Affiliates
5/1/2019 1:32:51 AM
Hey Jan,

Hope you're doing well. It seems we have a date in common - April 27th - on which you celebrated an anniversary. Well, Happy Anniversary! So what did you like best about the video I sent to you?! If you didn't get a chance to view it, here it is again: The World's ONLY Dietary Supplement of its Kind. Take a look!

Best regards,
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