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Someone Sucking the Life Out Of You?
4/21/2017 12:25:23 PM
In an ongoing discussion with a friend, the idea of someone "sucking the life out of you" came up. Should you cut those people off from your life, or keep them? Life is full of choices, and, this is one most of us encounter at some time or another, from the playground on in many cases. I guess part of the problem is who you allow into that "inner circle" of influence and relationship. It's easy to cut off someone who is distant in that relationship already. However, the closer they are the harder it can become, especially if they are a part not only of the "circle" that is you, but which includes close friends, relatives, etc. I have a friend who got hooked on computer games. She is not a "warrior" type, and, it took a couple of bad experiences before she realized that hand grenades were not good for close quarters, hand-to-hand combat. Knives are better, but very messy and very personal...on many levels. You may get rid of the enemy, but, you may never sleep well again remembering the carnage. Yes, you may know you need to get rid of someone sucking the life out of you. That's the easy part. The hard part is finding the right tool, and living with yourself afterwards.


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