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#JazNiche Network of #Veterans sell Inventory
4/13/2017 5:26:14 PM
Welcome to Our Community David,

I have started a Network of #Veterans, who sell via Canteen SVS their OWN Inventory,

  • arts/crafts they make or buy bulk from others
  • books
  • videos
  • practically anything approved by Veteran Canteen SVS

More Veterans are learning they can be self-employed and have 1st Priority of available days at ALL Veterans Administration via Veteran Canteen SVS

I have been distributing applications, for the last two years

There are NEW members, who struggle to keep good inventory to sell


I buy in BULK and make deals with Fellow Veterans

  • have never tried this with any new community member as new as you
  • will look at your wife's web site to view offerings
If I find something that suits me, I will buy in bulk; however, not at retail ...

general deal ... 50/50

I have a package that can be mailed to share more details

Just mail a post card to

Simply write #JazNiche


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