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Does The Government Owe You Money? Claim Your $6,000 Check Today!
11/24/2016 4:24:53 PM

Does The Government Owe You Money? Claim Your $6,000 Check Today!

Does the U.S. President owe you money?

The “secret” pages of the tax code only the rich exploit...

Does the government owe you money? (claim your $6,000 check today)...

Want to an extra $5,000 or $10,000 you can put toward your investments starting immediately?

Well, I just got off the phone with a guy named Brian Fouts. He told me how you can use some little-known pages of the tax code to claim a significant “tax rebate” from the government.

You see, when Brian first started on his path to wealth…

He had little money available for investing.

Or so he thought.

Yet after interviewing dozens of multi-millionaires, Brian uncovered that not only is the tax system rigged against the middle class…

But that while people in the middle class spend a third of the year working just for the IRS… the wealthy are often generating explosive returns tax-free.

How are they doing this?


The rich understand parts of the tax code that your typical H&R Block tax preparer is completely clueless about.

In fact, most ordinary tax advisors only deal with the first 429 pages of the tax code which covers what you owe and a few basic deductions.

The wealthy though… they’re intimately familiar with the other 5,300+ pages of the code which lay out step-by-step how you can slash your taxes.

In other words, they’re using the essential 93% of the tax code that most experts have no idea about.

Of course, you don’t need to become a CPA to learn how to use this.

Because Jake and Brian are going to lay out what you need to know on their free training webinar 3 Secrets to Growing Your Money Like the Ultra-Rich”.

And on it you’ll discover…

How your 401k is a ticking tax “time-bomb” that will decimate your wealth the instant you retire. Use this little-known “account” instead to generate safe, TAX-FREE retirement income.

The “micro-corporation” strategy for filing taxes. Use this to slash your taxes by $6,000 instantly (even if you’re not a business owner).

Why the government actually wants you to pay LESS taxes.

In short, these are simple strategies you can use right away to drastically reduce how much you’re paying to the government.

Register For Free Training Here:

How effective are they?

Well, immediately Brian applied what he learned.

And he slashed his tax bill by $6,000 overnight!

As Brian told me…

“It was like getting a check straight from president of the United States. Thanks, Obama. :)”

Just like that, Brian had new money available to put toward investing — all from one simple strategy.

It gets better too…

That’s because getting this new “investment income” wasn’t a one time event. The tax savings is permanent.

In other words, Brian gets this savings EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

I strongly advise you to discover and implement these tax strategies. Because there’s a very good chance you’re paying the government more than you should.

As you may have heard, Brian and his brother Jake recently took over The Elevation Group. And they’re in the middle of filming a whole bunch of new and exciting content for their members.

If you attend the webinar, they’ll give you a "sneak peek" of one of the new videos they just finished recording.

Sign up for the webinar today…

Register For Free Training Here:

This is something they have yet to publish to their members area. But if you join the webinar, you'll get a chance to see it before everyone else.

3 Secrets to Growing Your Money Like the Ultra-Rich

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