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Re: Here are some of the Newer Scam mails this week.
2/14/2006 11:36:07 AM
Hi Anthony, I've seen this one before as well as many others. The thing I can't understand is how they get through. No matter what email box I use, there they are front and center. I have to go through great lengths to make sure my legit emails and newsletters come threw without them ending up in the bulk mail folder or spam box. But these junk mails keep jumping in my emails with no problem. Regards, Joe
Re: Here are some of the Newer Scam mails this week.
2/14/2006 8:08:18 PM
Hi Anthony, I got these too. It never ceases to amaze me how gullible these scammers are...but then, people DO fall for them, don't they? Thanks for your diligence in keeping us informed! Lorraine
Re: Here are some of the Newer Scam mails this week.
2/15/2006 3:45:17 PM
Hello everyone & thank you for posting your replies. As most of you who have been involved with Internet Marketing & on line businesses know, these sort of emails are a daily occurence, we almost expect to find 3 or 4 of them daily but, also everyday thousands of new users of the Internet get these emails too. As the scam email industry (sic) un-offically makes billions of dollars a year (there are no offical figures, because lets face it, they are not going to pay tax on these ill gotten 'earnings')these email scams will continue until they perputrators are finally caught. However, as they normally hi-jack other peoples computers & their email address books to send out these emails, it's hard to find the criminals who set up these con's. Jerome asked if I reported these emails, I always send them to the FBI, Internet Crime Complaint Centre. If you to receive these type of emails, please don't just delete them, also send them to the same address, you can send them there, even if you are not American. Always be careful of whats in your email box. Your Security Friend in Las Vegas.
Re: Michael Rasmussen's "Email Promos Exposed" Video Series: How to Write Killer Email Promos That Get Results!
10/25/2006 10:27:07 PM

Blog Review




Have you ever been faced with the task of having
to write an email promotion to your list, and
then realized that you didn't know what to say or
how to say it?

Michael Rasmussen's new video course "Email
Promos Exposed" promises to solve that problem
for you by walking you through the actual process
of creating killer email promos step-by-step.

If you're in a hurry, just go ahead visit this
URL to get instant free access to these videos:

I decided to see if Michael's videos live up to
their promise by trying them out myself. Here's
what I found:

Overall Quality

The first thing I noticed when I opened up the
first video was the stunning production quality.
He used Camtasia Studio for the production, which
is now the industry standard for creating
high-quality screen capture video products. The
audio is near studio quality, and the graphics
are very professional. These videos were made by
someone who KNOWS what he's doing. Well done!

I also liked how Michael divided the videos up by
section, and then again by sub-section. For
example, one video is all about the subject line,
and then there are different parts of that video
that each cover a certain area of crafting a
killer subject line.

Now let's move onto...


Here's a brief summary of each video. Obviously
it's impossible to list every single thing here,
but I want you to get a feel for what each one
covered, and how well it covered it.

If you're in a hurry, just go ahead visit this
URL to get instant free access to these videos:


This video served as an introduction to the whole
course. You get to see a picture of Michael in
his every day life, and he establishes his
credibility right up front by talking about some
of his massive successes online. He even provides
proof of credibility by displaying two checks in
the amount of $50,000 and $25,000 which prove
that, when it comes to the subject of making
money with email promos, he knows his stuff.

This is a good lesson for anyone to get. Whenever
you're teaching people how to do something, it's
good to establish your credibility up front, so
that there's no doubt about whether or not you're
qualified to talk about the subject. Most product
developers either skip or minimize this step.


This video talks about some things that no other
marketer has bothered to mention. You'll learn
things like:

* The mindset you need in order to write a killer

* The different tools you need before you get

* How to keep your emails laser-focused

* How to create an outline that practically
writes the email for you.

This was a fantastic video, and did a good job of
kicking things off.


I liked this video, because it talked about one
of MY biggest weaknesses when it comes to writing
email promos... the subject line. The subject
line is a confusing topic, because nobody's 100%
sure what the best tactics are.

Michael breaks it down, and reveals:

* The biggest secret for writing a subject line
that makes people insanely curious.

* Techniques for personalizing the subject line.

* Mistakes to avoid when using personalization.

I was surprised to find that I was making some of
the mistakes that Michael mentioned in this
video, but now I know better.


This is where a lot of people slack off when
writing their emails. Michael talks about how
important it is to create an opening that is
conversational, and then reveals techniques and
examples on how to do that.

He also reveals:

* How to get people to keep reading your email
once they've opened it.

* How to make your opening interesting.

* Mistakes to avoid when creating your first few


This is one of the "meatiest" portions of the
course, because it reveals techniques that are
not widely discussed on the forums, blogs, and in
most eBooks. He talks about the importance of
keeping your body copy tight and relevant, and
then reveals how you can do that. You'll also

* How to write powerful bullets that make people
curious and want to find out more.

* Simple formatting tricks for making your body
copy easy to read.

* The secret of "bucket brigade copy" and how to
use it in your email promos to force people to
keep reading.


This is where a lot of people wimp out in their
email promos. They start out strong, but when it
comes time to ask the reader to click the link
and take action, they don't know what to say.
Michael talks about some of his favorite
techniques for making that happen, and also

* The "magic question" to ask yourself that will
make your close much more powerful.

* The secret of the "unanswered question" and why
handling this is a surefire way to get people to
act right away.

* The structure of a powerful close.

* Mistakes people make when creating their close.


Some people say that the P.S. is one of the most
important parts of the email, because it is often
the one thing that gets people to click the link
at the end. In this video, Michael talks about:

* Why you should including a P.S. at the end of
your email.

* The 4 different kinds of P.S.'s you can use
(this section was a real eye-opener for me).


I loved this video, because it showed me some
mistakes that I was making that I wasn't even
aware of. Unless you're a seasoned pro, you're
probably guilty of some of the things that
Michael talks about in this video as well, and
that's why it's so valuable. I've shaved years
off my learning curve, because now I can avoid
some of the costly mistakes that I was bound to
make in the learning process.


This video alone is going to make me a lot of
money. Why? Because I used to only send out one
email promo for each affiliate promotion I was
doing. Michael showed me in this video how
important it is to send a follow-up promotion,
and he showed me exactly how to do it. He covered
things like:

* The psychology of follow-up email promo's.

* The 2 main types of follow-up promos that make
the most money.

* How to overcome readers' objections in your
follow up emails.

* The 2 most common mistakes people make when
writing follow-ups and how to avoid them.


Every marketing guru out there says that the REAL
money is on the back end. I'd have to agree with
them, but the problem is... most people have no
idea how to set up a back end system that makes
money. This video will teach you how to set up an
automated back end that's loaded with killer
promos that make you lots of cash on autopilot.
He reveals things like:

* The big difference between regular and back end
email promos.

* How to prepare a back end promotion sequence.

* Common mistakes people make when creating back
end email promos.


This could be the most important video of the
entire package for a lot of people, because most
people email their list to promote other people's
products as an affiliate. Let's face it, if you
only have 3 products, can you really afford to
only email your list 3 times a year? They'll get
bored hearing about the same old products over
and over again. This video sheds some light on
how to create killer affiliate promos. Michael
reveals things like:

* The two main types of affiliate promos.

* What makes affiliate promos different than
regular promos (and why ignoring this huge secret
could cost you big money).

* Michael's favorite tactics for creating
affiliate promos that no one else is doing.

* 3 different ways to add scarcity to your
affiliate promos (this is the most important
section of the video, so make sure you watch it
over and over again).


As you can see, Email Promos Exposed really packs
a lot of punch! Most of the courses out there
offer only watered down, weak content. Not this
one! These videos are going on my "A-list" for a
long time.

I've already watched them twice, and plan on
reviewing them every couple months to make sure
that I have the principals, techniques and
tactics burned into my mind.

If email marketing is an important part of your
business (and in my opinion, it's the most
important part of ANY online business), then you
owe it to yourself to check out Michael's
exciting new videos, Email Promos Exposed.

Here's the URL where you can get instant free access
to the videos right now.


Re: Here are some of the Newer Scam mails this week.
11/24/2006 7:03:06 AM


I've had a few of those and should have about $800,000,000 by now if they were true. If you right click on the email address and go into properties and then into details you will be able to find the sender. Copy and paste this into your browser. You will end up at the scammers archive where you can see all the lottery and hardship situation letters as well as new ones you haven't gotten yet, on an autoresponder database where you can unsubscribe. I also take the opportunity to report it as a phishing website while I'm there.

There is a new type of scam where someone orders products or services from you and then asks for a refund later on. This happened to me when I was selling a product. The price was $224 and they deposited $2224 and then contacted me and said they'd made an error and asked for a refund for all but the correct amount. When I tried to refund the money the bank could not transfer to the destination account. I was asked in an email to forward it by Western Union in that case, so I did.

My bank account was frozen and so I enquired... The money was deposited by the Russian Mafia and was stolen from another bank account. Once I explained, the bank told me that it was the current scam to steal money from account holders and had been presented in 100's of ways and I was not at fault. The bank said that they targeted such businesses as travel and restaurants, accommodation and now the Internet...

I'd say now that if you do get a suspicious deposit, be very suspicious and contact the bank rather than refund the money. They won't catch me THAT way again!

Look out


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