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Leading Advocates in Port Blair
9/9/2016 8:39:03 AM
Are you the parent of a Lawyers in Port Blair child with autism or other disability that is considering finding an advocate to help you with your child's education? Would you like a short list of qualities to avoid when choosing a special education advocate?

This article will help you avoid certain negative qualities in a prospective advocate, so that you can help your child receive a free appropriate public education.

Quality 1: Stay away from an advocate who has not received formal training in federal and state laws, and case law. Good advocates will have a working knowledge of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (federal law), and your state laws governing special education. Effective advocates do not have to memorize the law, but should know where to find any information that they need. Advocates must also know what due process hearings and court cases have already occurred, so that they can use the information to benefit your child.

Quality 2: Stay away from an advocate, who has little to no experience helping parents navigate the special education system. Unfortunately there are people who call themselves advocates, who do not have the experience that they need, to be effective. You do not want the advocate learning at the expense of your child's education. Try finding an advocate at a disability organization like a Parent Information and Training Center (PTIC).

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