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Social Media Marketing and Traditional Marketing
6/1/2016 12:19:01 AM

Social media marketing and traditional marketing

Social media is often misunderstood and is deemed to be supplementary to traditional media as you can see in the graphic below.

Traditional and Social Media marketing are two completely different processes that need to be understood separately. As the graphic below shows, the funnel for social media marketing is the opposite to traditional marketing , with the former looking to find new customers through word of mouth and through the recommendation of retained and loyal ones. source: We Play

While we have years and oodles of information regarding traditional marketing methods, we are still in the learning stages of social media marketing.

So what are some ideas on how we can make social media marketing work for us when we are affiliate marketing or network marketing.?

1. Learn how to share. Most people who are marketing are trying to use traditional marketing methods in a social media setting and then are wondering why they are either ignored or looked at as though you have two heads. The fact is social media marketing is more about sharing what others do and less about what your product is.

2. Patience is required. With traditional marketing methods you can be guaranteed results in a short period of time. Social media marketing requires that any plan or strategy you create, you will be looking at the long term to see any lasting results.

2. The law of quality. I know many people who still feel that if they just keep sending that marketing message over and over they will get that sale. The reality is that when you are social media marketing, any message you give out better be one of quality. Sure you can get a lot of people to follow you very quickly, but if you dont give them good quality information and sharing, they will dump you as fast as they joined with you.

3. It's all about the listening! In traditional marketing the key is about spreading the word, getting those keywords right and basically talking via ads, articles or other forms of advertising. Social media is about listening and hearing what people say so that you can share something of value and helping them solve whatever problem they may have.

4. Be accessible! Regardless of whether you are part of a forum, having your own blog or in a community on social media venues, you need to have the power of accessibility around you so that when people do say something, you can be there to answer them. If you do a hit and run ( write a blog and walk away) people will learn to ignore you also.

As you can see social media marketing has its own marketing fundamentals.
Understanding the differences between these two forms of marketing and becoming fluent in both social media marketing and traditional marketing will help you garner more successful results than only being knowledgeable in one way of doing things.

What would you add to this list of social media marketing?


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