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Help Wanted! - Top Level Management - You Run The Whole Show!
4/20/2016 12:15:42 AM
If you are an experienced Network Marketer who is not completely happy with what you are doing now, this is your opportunity! I have spent the last 6 months and a whole lot of money developing the structure for this company. Contracted with a top notch software company to write the commission software and the marketing website. It is all ready to go now and I am looking for someone to manage it. Promotions, back office administration, Send and receive payments, customer service, everything. You will be the face of the company.

Have you ever dreamed about running your own company, but just did not have the money to do that? I did. For years and years. I spend more than 25 years in the MLM industry, made some money along the way, enough to pay my expenses and make a little profit, but never did earn the big paychecks and throughout all that time, I dreamed about building a Network Marketing company that truly would work for anyone.

I finally gave up on Network Marketing about 8 years ago. That is when I turned 70 and decided it was time to retire to the good life. I own my own home, have two good vehicles paid for,my medical insurance is paid for, and two residual income checks coming in every month. Enough money coming in to to take care of myself for the rest of my life. So I retired. Although I was still dreaming about that company I would develop if only I had the money to do that. Last year, I inherited a some money. Not a whole lot. But, enough to pay off the house and those cars and have a few thousand left over. I decided to use that money to develop this company.

I knew from the beginning that I would need someone to run it. I told my programmer that the first day we talked about the project. I wanted to set it all up. Test everything to make sure it works, Start building a presence in the Network Marketing industry, and then look for someone to manage it. That time is now.

Could that someone be you?

Our product is a Self Employment Career Training Program. It sells for $150. Every time someone sells one of those training plans, they earn a $100 commission. That’s pretty good itself. However, it gets better. It gets a whole lot better! We also have a Pass 2 Up to your sponsor compensation plan that is absolutely awesome! That will bring in a whole lot of money for our members. And the company will do well too. Every time one of those training packages is sold, $100 is paid out in commissions and $50 of it goes to the company. You will need about $10 of that for overhead expenses. Our programmer will get $10. I will get $10. That leaves $20 for you.
The beauty of this is that every new member that YOU as the company manager brings in will pass 2 people up to you (the company) and those two people will pass 2 people up to the company, and that goes on through infinity!

You will run this just like it was your own company. I will be there to help you learn how to use the software in the back office. When you need me. Otherwise, Most of that will come from our programmer. He is a good guy. Easy to work with and loves the company! You will like him.

What will this cost you? Not a cent! There are only two conditions to this offer. #1. - I want to get $10 for each new business partner who signs up and orders the training package. I have my own personal account in the back office and that money is to be deposited in that account. #2. - I have my own referral link and will function just like any other business partner in the pass 2 up compensation plan. When I bring someone in, I earn a $100 commission, and I get that other $10 from the company as outlined above.

For more information, please see my “Quick Little Survey For MLMGateway Members” under Business Announcements on the MLMGateway website. I posted that on the 17th, so you will have to scroll down to it.

NOTE: You will need to sign up there to get to that message. It's free. Or, you can simply click on the MLMGateway Icon at the top of the page and read the business announcements.

Don Evans.
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