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Birth control for men comes down to flipping a switch
1/10/2016 6:02:17 PM
Birth control for men comes down to flipping a switch
Bimek's switch prevents your sperm from going anywhere.

Birth control for men still tends to be divided between condoms (which aren't always fun or reliable) and more drastic surgical procedures like vasectomies (which are frequently permanent). Not exactly ideal, is it? However, inventor Clemens Bimek thinks he can make it just a matter of flipping a switch. His Bimek SLV project uses tiny, switchable valve implants to prevent sperm from entering semen. If everything goes well, you'd have surefire contraception without dulling sensations or ruling out children altogether -- you'd just have to switch it off the moment you're ready to try for kids.

This still won't be the perfect solution if and when it launches in 2018. The combination of surgery and the device itself is expected to cost $5,460, so you won't be getting this on a whim. And that's assuming that it passes clinical testing. There are concerns that the implants could lead to scar tissues that lead to infertility you hadn't planned on, for instance. And of course, this would only help regulate pregnancy -- it wouldn't do anything to stop sexually transmitted diseases. If it does pan out, though, it would give couples more control over when they start families.

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