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I Remember God As Me
10/13/2015 1:33:44 PM

The Daily Prayer 10.13.2015

“I Remember God As Me”

Rev. Ginger Young, Minister

Rev. Ginger Young, Assistant Minister

Today, right now in this moment, I stop and bring my focus to the now. I feel my chest rise and fall as I breath, and allow my body to relax. I remember that there is only one power expressing through and as everything, everywhere, infinitely. This power is the rose, the passion flower, the blazing sunset and the glistening stars at night. This power is the wholeness I feel when I am in nature. I reflect on how limitless this power is – the forever discoveries of science, the forever discoveries and growth within myself. This power is All, so it is all that I am. I am God expressing….always, forever, infinitely.
I breath in peace, grace, calm, love, and self compassion. Right now, I love myself as God loves. Being amazed more deeply than ever before at this fact, I allow Awe to fill me in mind, body and heart. I open myself to this precious life that I am and see more clearly the great good in everything. I fall into deep gratitude for all I have experienced as this extraordinary life, as all of it – ALL of it – has brought me closer to knowing myself and this thing called God.
In this gratitude and Awe, I remain, as it sweetens my soul, and fills my heart with love, and reminds me this is my truth. This is me – this is where my heart and mind dwell all that days of my life, starting right now. I cherish each moment, each breath, each hug, each relationship…I cherish myself.
I embrace the truth that has been expressed, knowing it pours forth through the focus of this Treatment, and beyond, so that everyone is lovingly touched by this Truth, and we ALL remember…..
And So It Is. Amen.

Rev. Ginger Young is a Minister at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living

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