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Prayer for Beverly
10/11/2015 12:39:12 PM

The Daily Prayer 10.11.2015

Prayer for Beverly

Rev. Martha Quintana, Senior Minister

Rev. Martha Quintana, Senior Minister


Beverly Stotesbury

There is One Infinite Life; Original Life; First Cause. This Life is known by so many names – God, Mother/Father, PachaMama, Creator, Peace, Love, Happiness, Abundance, and Reality – and however It’s known or experienced, this Life indwells all of Its creatures, causes the Earth to rotate on its axis around the Sun, and creates constantly in dimensions known and unknown.

This Life indwells me and is the very essence of my existence. It is what caused my birth and is what is left after my physical body is no longer needed. My life, as Life, is infinite and is experienced by me in so many ways – as Divine mystery, peace, happiness, love, abundance, and reality. My own life is the harmony with all life.

As I know this for me, I know this for Beverly Stotesbury, Jackie McGough, and for all people who read this prayer. Beverly’s life is one with All Life and, no matter the appearance, she continues to exist even after the passing of her physical body. The love she experienced for and with her children continues, the love she experienced for and with Jackie continues, and the love she experienced with her family and community continues. Life and Love cannot, cannot be extinguished and can only grow.

In this moment, I affirm and declare Beverly experiences peace, the peace that surpasses all human understanding. She experiences an immense and beautiful life beyond anything she has ever known and rests peacefully in knowing that her life touched countless others. Beverly is flying high with eagles, experiencing the sunrise and sunset as part of the energy and color of the day, and finally sees every true aspect of herself just as we all loved her. Beverly is at peace and the love she had for Jackie and all of the people around her is a bridge that allows all to continue communicating in love.

I am so grateful for this knowing; so grateful for Beverly. I am grateful for her generous spirit and for all that she shared with the community and with me. I am so grateful that she loved all of us so ferociously and so honestly. I love and appreciate all of the gifts she gave throughout her life. I am happy that Beverly’s life graced our community and world. Thank you, Life.

It is with deep, deep gratitude that I release my word into the Law knowing that it cannot come back to me void. Bon Voyage, Beverly, until we meet again. And so it is. Amen.

Rev. Martha Quintana is Senior Minister at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living

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