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One Mind, One Life Permeates All
10/2/2015 12:48:25 PM

The Daily Prayer 10.02.2015

“One Mind, One Life Permeates All”

Glenn Buckland, RScP

Glenn Buckland, RScP

I recognize God as history, present and future. All things happen within the realm of the One Divine Being against which there is nothing. The concepts of time and space are contained within the context of Oneness, therefore there is no “otherness”. All things begin, end and have their being within God.

I know this is true for me and I know it is true for everyone else. One Mind, One Life permeates all.

In this present moment I declare all things are alive, joyful and happening just as they are created into being by my own consciousness. Everything arrives by invitation from my own sense of well-being from the core of my belief and understanding of the Law. I am blessed and recognize my life full of blessings. I participate fully in the experience of my life and embrace everyone and everything as the unique manifestation of God that it is, right here and now.

I give thanks for all this and everything else. There is nothing outside my purview of gratitude as all things reside in and manifest from God.

With my grateful heart I release my word into the Law where it is done, right now, just as I declare.

And so it is.

Glenn Buckland is a Practitioner at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living

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