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No More Tomorrows
9/30/2015 1:33:51 PM

The Daily Prayer 09. 30. 2015

“No More Tomorrows”

Tilia Giron, RScP

Tilia Giron, RScP

I awaken to a day filled with promise knowing that the Divine Creator is always here for me and for you. And I know that this Creator works in mysterious ways and always for our good – ways that often only become known as they gently, or suddenly, reveal themselves.

This feels like one of those mysterious times. Strangely, I find myself compelled to clean up piles tolerated for so long. Compelled to leave no more stashes or stuffings unattended in drawers, shelves or on dressers to be dealt with sometime in the indefinite future, I hesitate no more. No more excuses, avoidances, or delays, No more tomorrows. The time has come, it’s now and it does not wait.

What precipitated this forthright unplanned plunge? Is it the deepening realization that I do have everything I need right here right now within me – within my very own energy field and intuition? And that realization makes me fully responsible and unwilling to allow myself to skate by on ‘not enough time,’ or ‘it’s a question of priorities,’ or the like. Somehow, I recognize the reason is me and I am wholly accountable in this moment.

I refuse to accept the old now-worn-thin mantras that enabled me to squeeze by before. This path now calls me forth to stand up and be counted and is no longer willing to play it safe. I feel I stand on the brink of an unfolding pathway clearing old cluttered objects, but also old ways, practices, and beliefs that no longer serve. I embrace the new approaching spaces that are part of my soul journey without knowing where those steps lead and I do so with the knowing that God is my guiding star within and without. I feel myself filled and fed and overflowing with peace, with love and I am so grateful for this God that walks with me and beside me and in me. That same God walks within you and beside you and in you. For you and I are God expressing just the way we are in this moment.

I am enriched, blessed and give thanks for this God Spirit that flows within me expressing in clarity, in resoluteness, in purposefulness along with purple nails, and little motley-colored kitties, in diminishing piles, in straight-arrowedness and dark chocolate and skinned knees. You and I come from God, we experience for, with and as God, we go to God and we are filled with Godness.

Excited for the upcoming day and all it may bring, I open my arms and my spirit and my mind and heart to welcome all that comes and all that is. I know that whatever it is that manifests, however it looks, that it is all for my own and your own God-unfoldment and tailor-made just for me and just for you on our individual pathways to God and to Spirit.

I welcome this day with trust in that which is, and I do so with joy and peace for I know that my and your oneness with the Divine is nothing but perfect and always unquestionably, however mysteriously, perfect. I open to this Exquisite Love on behalf of us all for I love this Love. I give thanks for knowing this God Love, for this moment and for this day. I am humbled by this gentle, generous and abundant overflowing Love. I call this day blessed for you, for me and for us all, and so it is!

Tilia Giron is a Practitioner at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living

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