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9/27/2015 8:16:30 AM
Word from our CEO, Mr Demirovski

Posted By JhonI 2015-09-26 14:49:36

Dear Members, First of all thanx for your support, hard work and patience. It has been one month since opening and as any opening it was not most relaxing period émoticône smile But i could not name any successful business that started with management being relax. Personally it was great month and i feel very confident and happy for the coming month.

Now I would like to announce several things :

.As promised, from this next Monday 28th of September payments will start again. As we had too many fraudulent payments by visa and master card and causing some mess; I decided Beonpush won't accept direct payment by Credit cards for the moment.

.Banks did authorized our payments but legally we are oblige to stop instant payments or we loose insurance for fraudulent payments we have and losses from fraud will be at our own expenses (affecting our daily interest)

.From now once you ask for a payment, you will have to wait from 7 to 14 days before payout. (legal check out). But still, I believe this is common for a MLM. I really like instant payment but its better to protect our common benefices from those who just try to abuse the payment system.

.Once all fraudulent payments will be erased, some of you might see a change in their Binary amounts due to the fact we will cancel those fake accounts and fake money they did bring in.

Also i would like to add brief planning for the October month:

.During this month Beonpush will start to congratulate all career progress among our member and send all gifts.

.I will have a web conference with different leaders very soon and organize a webinar for all also very soon.

.In second half of october we will have open days in office in Luxembourg to meet and have a welcome drink with all who want and can come.

.During this month we will organize the contest for the regional representatives and winners will be invited to Monaco for a congratulation and training trip.

.Of course we will continue our main activities to make Beonpush progress everyday

Thank you all again,

Best regards,


CEO of Beonpush


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