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No Recruiting - No Investment - Big Earnings!
9/15/2015 10:18:25 AM
No Recruiting - No Investment - Big Earnings!


I know that my profile says that I am not here to make money. That I am here to help people WAKE UP and STAY INFORMED about government lies and deception. And that is still true. We are living in some troubling times. The government is operating like a giant GLOBAL corporation now where MONEY & POWER over the people is their only objective and they have absolutely no accountability for their actions! That is an extremely dangerous situation for freedom loving Americans (and people around the world). Not much room there for life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness as outlined in The Declaration Of Independence and protected by the constitution. That is what I am here for. Not to make money.

However, I can tell you about a way to make money ... if this fits your disposition. (Not everyone will like it), and it won't cost you one thin dime. You won't have to do any recruiting either. I don't get paid to tell you about this. It is just something I do now and then along the way to have some fun and sharpen my thinking skills at the same time. What the heck am I talking about?

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