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Shepard Smith Calls Christians “Haters”
9/10/2015 1:15:58 AM
FOX News's new owner REPS.influence has been showing on their coverage, these days. I have noticed the Progressive bent as of late as Rupert steps back and let's his sons take over. Roger Ailes doesn't seem to be happy nor have the power and responsibility he once had, too. Personally I have stopped watching their shows, except Brett Baer and The Five. My real news comes for OAN "One America News" straight news no bs like the good news days. Worth checking out.

Shepard Smith Calls Christians “Haters”

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“Haters are going to hate” is how Shepard Smith of Fox News referred to supporters of Christian clerk Kim Davis on his Tuesday afternoon show. It was another example of the anti-Christian bias that has been rearing its ugly head on a channel that many conservatives had looked to for “fair and balanced” coverage of the issues they care about.

But calls to several Fox News officials, asking for reaction to Smith’s anti-Christian comments, were not returned.

In other controversial comments about a pro-Davis rally being broadcast during his show, Smith ripped conservative Christians for “a religious play again,” saying, “This is the same crowd that says, ‘We don’t want Sharia law, don’t let them tell us what to do, keep their religion out of our lives and out of our government.’ Well, here we go again.”

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