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Can talk therapy treat your mental health?
7/9/2015 8:42:50 AM
When issues and problems in our lives arise, we all have that go-to person or group of people we reach out to. It could be our family, our friends or even our co-workers. We reach out to these individuals for support and feedback and sometimes just for a listening ear.

Even though these individuals may not be trained psychologists or therapists, they still offer us consolation and advice. In a sense, by you reaching out to talk to another person, you’re partaking in something called talk therapy.

What is talk therapy?

mental illnessTalk therapy utilizes conversation as a form of expression to release inner feelings. Individuals can discuss whatever is on their mind and how they are feeling as a means of working through the issue.

Because mental health is such a pressing issue in today’s world—roughly a quarter of Americans experience some mental health issue, according to the National Institute of Mental Health—talk therapy is a natural solution to combat these problems.

When we keep our issues to ourselves, they can weigh heavily on our mental health, further worsening it. So not only does talk therapy allow individuals to express their feelings, but it also helps create stronger relationships as people begin to better understand one another.

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