1/19/2014 10:43:19 PM
SKULLTEC SPORTS GEAR is a new and innovative safety product that fits comfortably under any sports helmet and lessens physical impact substantially. In 2013, Bob Ferguson created the SKULLTEC SPORTS GEAR cap. The cap is lab-tested, doctor recommended, universally recognized, and easily washable. It has been tested for comfort, fit, and protection. The SKULLTEC SPORTS GEAR cap looks good, feels good, and actually reduces impact.
I also want to add that I feel very strongly about this safety issue. All children should wear helmets and this added safety cap to wear under their helmet could help to reduce head trauma, especially for the low price of $ + shipping. I am going to promote this to schools, special needs,sports teams and hospitals. If anyone has any leads or contacts please let me know I would greatly appreciate it. Contact me if you have any questions before joining. God's Blessings, Deborah Swanson

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