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The PennyMatrix is Low Cost and Worldwide
12/15/2013 2:10:06 PM
Hello Friends,

I started this forum because there are so many programs out there that eat your lunch every month with fees, product purchases etc. Don't ask me how I know. I am always on the lookout for opportunities that are inexpensive to join and maintain and that can be marketed worldwide.

The worldwide component is important. Billions of people all over the world are looking for a low cost way to make some extra cash or become financially independent. For some it means not going hungry anymore.

That is exactly what Tracy Davidson is on a quest to do. If you have not heard of him, he is an internet millionaire on a quest to use his internet marketing prowess to help end poverty and hunger. As it is, he actually chose the pennymatrix opportunity as the vehicle to make it happen. That in itself speaks volumes about this opportunity.

Check out the pennymatrix. I am a member and it is in fact a worldwide opportunity that you can be a part of for only $7.00 a month.
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