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Re: This Scammer deserves to be hung!
1/20/2006 9:55:13 PM
Yes. I am SO sick of these foreign dignitary scams. And foreing lottery scams. Rose
Re: This Scammer deserves to be hung!
1/21/2006 9:21:49 AM
Hello to everyone who has posted. I set up this forum to warn all members of Adlandpro about the despicable people on the Interent who are trying to con, not just you but everyone out of money. The posts I make here. are examples of the newest scam & phishing emails doing the rounds. I know thay are scams, as I have researched them thourghly. Judging by some of the replies to this post, maybe there is one or two of you who think I am asking if this email is real & if I should accept! I know it is not real, I know that it does not come from Scotland & I have already reported the email & it's senders information to the appropriate authorites, BEFORE I posted to you all. It was the actual contents of this scam email that has annoyed me more than the obvious attempt to lure some gulible, greedy person, of which there will be quite a few, who think that they will benefit of someone else's misfortune. I do not pity any greedy person who gets taken by these scams, as they are almost as despicable as the scammers. Like I said, the actual content, using a supposedly dead family's banked funds, that has meant to have happened from an incident where a friend of mine was injured. is what has enraged me more than the pathetic con email. If anyone does get taken by this scam email, then they deserve it. The same as the irresponsible people who got caught after 9/11, when they were sent similar scam emails, & they thought they would be making money from victims who died in the World Trade Center horrific tragedy & the thousands of people who get caught weekly, by all the other scam/phishing emails. If it was not for the greedy people in this world, who think they are making money on someone else's tragedy, then there would not be these sort of emails There will be new Scam, Con, Phising emails everyday. it is the use of tragedys that have rocked the world, as the content of these emails which has & always does so enrage me. Your Security Friend in Las Vegas.

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