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8 Tips to Limit Rejections in Network Marketing
10/8/2013 8:37:37 PM

Don’t be depressed about rejection in network marketing.

Building Trust in Network MarketingAs a network marketer looking to build a downline in their chosen opportunity it is normal to get more no answers than yes and some of those answers come with some wild accusations that compare an honest business to the many internet scams online. Don’t get down it’s all part of the world’s system of checks and balances.

Thomas Edison for example not only faced people saying his inventions would never work, that his solutions bordered on witchcraft and were no good, but he also failed more than 1000 times while making the light bulb but he never saw those failures as failures, instead he counted them as 1,000 ways not to make a light bulb and kept fine tuning the process until success is achieved.

So how do we limit the amount of rejections or stay positive after them?

  1. The first thing you need to do is be sure of your business. You have to know and believe it’s not a scam, that there are products of real value, and that there is serious money to be made promoting the sale of goods in addition to the business opportunity. If you are unsure it will show.

  2. You have to be knowledgeable about the products and services including knowing how a product helps the buyer. You need to be ready to answer tough questions like is your program a member of the Better Business Bureau, where is their home office etc.. So before you even think about promoting the opportunity end of the business you must study all the training videos, read the product reviews and testimonials, and if needed ask a ton of questions. The more you know the better.

  3. Build a relationship of trust and helpfulness before trying to recruit people. Fact is that 95% of all online marketers are laser focused on only pitching their opportunity and use a pitch and go approach. If your first lines of contact are a sales pitch though you will usually be labeled as just another SPAMMER and not taken seriously. Build trust by creating a self hosted blog and filling it with all the things you learn about network marketing, your companies products and more. Build knowledgeable prospects and don’t make them feel advertised to. Here at for example you will see ads for our opportunity and products of interest around the blog but in the post we share only great online business tips. Have a means of lead capture such as the subscribe to this blog form on the right hand side. That way readers get a continual stream of great trust building post. Don’t send tons of ads through it instead send notices of your latest articles and maybe a reference to your resources or links page for business building tools.

  4. Build social presence by being a broker of information. Find out what new friends and followers want to know and then write a helpful blog post or social media article to cover that need and send them the link to their answer. If you don’t know the answer use web search to find it ASAP or consult

  5. Build your brand among professionals. When given a choice between the Marketing Group and the Home Business group choose the marketing group and learn two things for every 1 thing you share. When you do this you will grow a bank of knowledge and establish yourself as a serious marketer. Home Business groups tend to be drop link and go spam fest so before you join one make sure they are legit and police spam and are tips and training focused or people will not be paying attention to your link.

  6. Be consistent. Post 2-3 times a week to your blog if possible and try to aim for around the same time each week so that your readers get accustomed to visiting your blog and looking for notices and new articles. Keep focused on building that trust and letting your banners do the selling.

  7. When you approach someone to discuss the opportunity that has been following you for a while ask them if they have heard anything about your business. Regardless of their answer your next question should be, “Is there anything you would like to know about our company?”. Ask questions and get them involved so they know their feedback means something and that their thoughts and concerns are being addressed. Remember the questions and answers for future pitches, you will grow through this Q&A Phase. Only give a presentation if the party you are talking to ask for more information. It’s vital that the listener be interested so attention is not lost and time is not wasted.

  8. Use your real and recent picture, real name, and real contact details when building trust. People want to know before they join, exactly who will be their sponsor, who to turn to with issues and questions, and they will want to know they can connect with you and not just be a number on some digital ledger.

We could talk all day about branding and trust and making the pitch to prospects.

Fact is this will be one of those areas of your online business that you will NEVER know everything about and should NEVER stop learning. You need to resolve right now to learn something every day and share something every day. You must be ready to put your face and name behind your business promotions. You must be brand focused and be the exact type of person you would like to have as a sponsor.


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