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Evergreen Onions
9/26/2013 4:13:29 PM
Due to all the extra rain we had in our area this year, our onions had to be harvested early. Normally I would let them keep growing, and harvest the onion greens to use, and harvest part of the bulbs only when we get low on them.

So I've revamped my raised bed that I had the onions in, made it taller, with better drainage and just seeded it with evergreen onions. These onions have small bulbs, but grow like mad, and you will have a steady supply of onion greens to cook with.

Now is the time to get them planted so that the seedlings have time to come up before winter. They will continue to grow all winter, in milder climates, and you can harvest them all winter also as they grow, (the green part that is).

I will harvest mostly just the greens, and let the onions grow for several seasons before I harvest them all out and have to replant.

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