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Super WonderMailer Super Blaster of The Soaring Eagle Team on Facebook!
7/31/2013 7:26:31 PM

Super WonderMailer Super Blaster

I have 206,197 points.

Just sent to members who are on these 3 websites.
(Live Count is: 52450 active members).

Sends to 13642 WonderMailer members
Sends to 13116
ListShock members
Sends to 25692
HotSpotMailer members
You too can do this! More about that in a minute but first here is the message I just sent:
Hello Friends,

There is a new mailer much like this "Super Blaster" created by my good friend Matthew Graves. It is called HotListMailer! Hmmmm! Wonder where he got the idea for that name...LOL

So where do you go to check this out? It is probably easy to find but the best place is on The Soaring Eagle Team in Facebook. There you not only can find the latest link from the newest member to check it our and join but you can then add your link. You will have a team promoting your link all over the Internet.

Join HotListMailer from the latest Link and then add your link. Lindsey Jackson posted the latest link.

Find it here:

Everyone that joins from The Soaring Eagle Team thread after you will be in your downline.

Be sure and like The Soaring Eagle Team page! That will add your profile picture to the likes.

Your friend,

Ken Wolff

WonderMailer is getting people results, come
check out the testimonials. The click rate is

If you haven't used it yet, use it today!

All of Your Email ads, banner ads and textads - WILL be
clicked and visited. I can guarantee that.

You'll see, it takes seconds to see why it's
called "
WonderMailer" - and it just came out.

You'll get Wonderful Results!

- Ken
(..and yes, of course there is nocost membership.
And it's not some teeny little bone either!)

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