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6/11/2013 8:43:58 AM

Many of the people here at AdlandPro are probably not going to be able to do this, because it does take some money to get started and it seems a lot of people here don't have any money to work with. However, if you can afford to spend at least $300 to $400 to purchase some free product gift certificates, and then give away at least TWO of those for $50 each to your family & friends (or anyone else), who try the product(s) and like them enough to come back to buy more,
you can set yourself up to earn some real good money in our DAILY revenue sharing program!

JubiMax Products

Your potential new customers can use this free gift card toward the purchase of any one or more of our high quality products. All of which are developed exclusively for JubiMax. Currently we have SkinCare, Weight Loss, Energy, Heart Health, Vitality (boy meets girl), and a Resort Vacation Package ... with more great products coming soon, including our own JubiMax brand of coffee. NOTE: Your customer will need to pay shipping costs for products.

No Recruiting Required To Make Money!

You do not have to sponsor new members to make money every single day! Our revenue sharing program is based on giving away free products, not recruiting new members. AND , I can tell you from personal experience, that it works ... big time! That's actually the very best way to get started. Give away some free products just like it says in that first paragraph to at least TWO people you know and care about. Those are the people who are more likely to actually try the products, and order again if they like them, AND that's a very important key to your success with JubiMax. I have been getting paid every single day since the 7th of April, and my first two customers were my daughter and my grandson.

Gift Certificates

You can click on the link below to see one of the several gift certificate pages you will have to send your customers to in order to claim their free gift certificate. When you visit the website, please DO NOT claim that gift certificate for yourself. Right now my control switch for that is only set for $5.00 anyway. After you read the rest of this, if you are not interested in the business right now, but would like to try the products, you can go ahead and accept that $5.00 gift certificate. Then respond to this message and let me know you have done than and I will put another $45 in your customer account. Perhaps a little later on, after you have tried the products, you will be more interested in getting paid to give them away.

We Get Paid 10 Different Ways!

The DAILY revenue sharing program is only one of ten different ways we get paid at JubiMax. And even though there is no recruiting required to make money giving away free products, there are some real good referral commissions built in along the way in some of those other areas for those who do share this amazing opportunity with others. Even more so now with the recent enhancements to the compensation plan (see below).

You can click on the link below to a short 5 minute video that explains how the revenue sharing program works, and get signed up.

JubiMax Webinars

We have JubiMax opportunity webinars several times throughout the week and there is a special promoters UPDATE every Monday night. You can register for the opportunity webinar here and schedule one that best fits your schedule.

You can register for the Monday Night Update Webinar here. NOTE: JubiMax has just made some outstanding enhancements to the compensation plan. It was good before, now it is absolutely awesome! You will want to be on at lease one opportunity webinar to get the big picture, and also on the next Monday night UPDATE webinar to learn more about that. NOTE: If you cannot make it to the Monday webinar, they are recorded and available in the back office when you sign into your JubiMax account.

Don Evans

P.S. Those enhancements are great! However, they are entirely optional. You can simply give away free products just like it says above. Get started for $300 to $400, and earn some real good money!

Those enhancements are an addition to the program. We call it MAXIMUM IMPACT. It does cost more money to get started that way. Very soon now, there will be TWO fast start packages that new people can buy. One is $549 & the other is $1,250. However, there is some real big money to be made there too! AND unlike the revenue sharing part of it, you will need to sponsor at least TWO people to qualify for the big money.

If you get signed up now, you will not have to pay that one cost above to get started. You will get grand-fathered in at no cost to you.

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