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Can you handle the truth?
6/7/2013 12:13:19 AM


Below are some recent news highlights that I thought
you might find interesting. When you know the truth
then you can't be deceived. Also I have just read a
book that I highly recommend everyone read called

The National Institute of Health financed a study by 23 universities and medical centers to alter oxygen levels in premature babies. [Incredibly, the purpose of the experiment was to see at what point the altered levels of oxygen caused either blindness, brain damage, or death. The parents of the infants did not give consent for the experiments. Yes, 23 prestigious medical institutions participated.]

The White House approved a dramatic increase in the permissible level of radiation in drinking water and soil following 'radiological incidents' that include nuclear power-plant accidents and leaks. [US power plants are aging rapidly, and Fukushima-type breakdowns are becoming increasingly possible. The nuclear industry cannot bare the cost of cleaning up, so they lobbied for weaker standards so clean up will not be required by law. Nice!]

Official banking documents reveal that the cost of future bank failures will no longer be passed on to taxpayers in the form of bailouts but will be taken from bank depositors, as was done in Cyprus. [This article explains how this legalized theft will be be accomplished. Banks are quietly changing the status of their depositors to that of creditors. In other words, deposits now are considered as loans to the banks and, if those loans cannot be repaid, the depositor/lenders will have to get in line for what they can get from bankruptcy proceedings. They will end up, not with the money they deposited, but with pennies on the dollar or shares of ownership in the bank – which will be nearly worthless. This is the new face of global banking.]

Johnson and Johnson hid data showing a 40% failure rate of hip implants. [The company currently is being sued by tens of thousands of hip-replacement patients for knowingly selling a faulty hip implant device that generates loose metal shards and poisons patients' bloodstreams. Internal documents show that J&J knew about the defective device for many years but continued to deceptively market it as safe and effective.]

Dr. Alan Sabrosky of the University of Michigan analyzes how Iran is being demonized to the American people to condition them to applaud when war is waged against that country. [Included in this analysis is the fact that the US has re-defined Weapons of Mass Destruction to include backpack bombs such as used at the Boston Marathon. That means, from now on, war can be justified at any time with any country on the claim that it is to prevent the use of WMDs – and the public will be grateful.]

Peace, Health and Prosperity,
Barb Doyle, Sc.

When people have challenges oftentimes
they are open to something new. It's a whole
lot smarter to be open to something new
before you are in crisis mode.


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