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Get Paid to Advertise
5/23/2013 11:49:02 PM
Get Paid to Advertise..This Is CRAZY Good!!
The Online Ad Network.. You Must see this!!

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Elaine Groff Wolff

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RE: Get Paid to Advertise
5/29/2013 12:16:51 AM
Hi Joe Ross,

Thank you for placing a winning ad in the "Copy & Paste Advertising" forum.

We just paid it forward by sending it to 2,001 of our friends in HotSpotMailer.join HSM

More about HSM In minute but first here is the message we sent:

Hi HSM Friends,

Congratulations to Joe Ross for placing a winning ad in the Copy & Paste Advertising forum. Everyone is a winner who participates in that forum. More about that in a minute but first here is Joe's ad:
Subj: Get Paid to Advertise
Get Paid to Advertise..This Is CRAZY Good!!
The Online Ad Network.. You Must see this!!
Here is how you too can get your ads paid forward. You must first be a member of Adlandpro. Go to this URL to join:

Then join the Copy & Paste Advertising forum:

Description: Better than free advertising here. You advertise your primary business, websites, blogs or what every you like. So many programs have ads that you can copy and paste. This is a great place to do that. Don't have a primary business, affiliate program? No Problem. Find one here, join, copy & paste the promotions with your links. #1. Join the forum. #2. Click on New Topic #3. Post your ad. WE do #4! If appropriate we pay your ads forward or delete at our discretion!

To your success,

Elaine Groff Wolff
Owner of the Copy & Paste
Advertising forum
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Elaine Groff Wolff

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