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Buzzard or Bee?
3/23/2013 12:03:14 AM

What weapon is powerful enough to pierce the heart with a single blow,

yet sweet enough to soothe a hurting soul? If you guessed the weapon of your words,

you’re right. Solomon tells us,”Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul

and healing to the bones” He also says,”Reckless words pierce like a sword.” No offense

but I will be talking to the wives on how they should talk to their husbands. Let me

state 1st off that I am not implying that my wife is guilty, but we all can improve our own

actions and words in our daily lives.


Spoken Words

As wives you need to consider the power of your words and the significant, impact they can have on your spouse

Deep in your hearts you know you need to be the encouraging wife, but somewhere between laundry, errands,

work, and housework you lose the energy and motovation to build up your spouses.

Did you take your vitamins to help you stay healthy? Words of encouragement

are alot like vitamins. Your husbands needs them to stay healthy. Often you get so tuned into

what your husbands do wrong that you don’t even think to encourage them for the good

things they do. But if you would start noticing and encouraging your husbands (positive

qualities) any of the negatives will be diminish.

Buzzard or Honeybee

We could look at this way, the difference of the feeding patterns of buzzards and

bees. Buzzards fly high, searching for dead and decaying prey. When they find

a dead and decaying carcass, they swoop down to devour it. Honeybees, in

contrast, only look for sweet nectar. They search through gardens filled with

flowers, using very discriminating taste.



Both bees and Buzzards find what they are seeking. So do spouses . If you are focused on your husbands faults,

you will find them every time. But if you are set on finding your husbands strengths, if you are actively

seeking out their goodness, you will find that too. How sweet a relationship can become when both spouses

are looking for the nector of one another.

Orval, Big idea Mastermind

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