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RE: Kudos to Fanta-bulous Forum Owner Peter Fogel
1/5/2013 2:24:50 PM
Hi Peter, you are more than welcome and deserving. Happy New Year. Mary Evelyn, you are right that some people post things that are not appropriate, anti-Semitic and so forth, and we do have a right to call them out on it. On the other hand, each person though is entitled to their own opinion, don't you agree? So in that "vein" I suppose any one of us should be able to share our opinion (even if it isn't always popular) and "vent" even? We don't have to do it by cursing or rudely or in a belligerent way though.We can have a civil conversation! Thanx all for sharing. Steve
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RE: Kudos to Fanta-bulous Forum Owner Peter Fogel
1/12/2013 12:22:01 PM

Hello Peter

I am not good at sucking up but I must say I have enjoyed some of your forums and gained much information from them. Thanks for being such a "Great, great guy!". Keep on keeping on.


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