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eat healthy and balanced food from today
9/17/2012 3:52:29 PM
I was just talking to my friend, chef Nicholas Zhou, about healthy eating the other day and I was shocked at what he told me...

He has been doing research day and night finding a way of healthy eating all year... Would you believe they have read over 34,000 pages from over 80 books on healthy eating since 2000!

But despite all the late nights and long hours, he said it was totally worth it because he learned a TON from all the books and articles he read.

That's why his cookbook "Real and Healthy Chinese Cooking" has become the #1 and most downloaded cookbook about healthy eating on the Internet and he gets over 123,100 visitors to his web sites every month! (Yes, I said every month!). His fr^ee recipe and cooking tips newsletter has over 12,500 subscribers worldwide.

And that's actually why I'm contacting you today... I have arranged the opportunity for you to "STEAL" the results of these extensive research and start using them to improve your health on a daily basis.

Because of my strong affiliate relationship with Nicholas and his company, he has agreed to give my subscribers a head start and use his tested results that he has spent the last 4 year secretly researching, including:

Over 500+ low carb, low fat, authentic Chinese recipes in 15 categories that are proven to be healthy.

A master chef's (Nicholas Zhou's aunt) 40 years of cooking practice that has made her the best known chef in town.

Nicholas's 15 years of cooking experience and 4 years of research on healthy and balanced eating.

Over 100+ secret recipes that your favorite Chinese restaurants don't want you to know.

Professional chefs' "killer" cooking tips and techniques including selecting ingredients, food preparation, cutting, frying, steaming, and more.

Insider secrets how 12,800 people worldwide improve their health by cooking healthy food.

Over 170+ colorful photos of famous Chinese dishes.

Quick and easy meal plans that only need 15 to 45 minutes.

Amazing party recipes in 50 minutes for over 10 people.

... and this is just the tip of the iceberg!

To make sure you appreciate the enormous value of this, I should tell you that it took Nicholas Zhou's team 2 full years to actually cook all the over 500+ Chinese dishes, take pictures, write down the cooking directions!

I know this great book is going to make my daily eating a lot tastier and healthier and as my subscriber I want to make sure you experience the same rewards, so go to...

I highly recommend that you check it out... I managed to get you a head start on these great resutls and sincerely hope you can take me up on this! I guarantee you'll be glad you did!

All the best...

P.S. And in typical Nicholas Zhou's style, he has been generous enough to let you test his recipes risk-free for 90 days. If you don't like them (if for some reason you DON'T like eating healthy food ;-) then you DO NOT PAY!


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