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We Do The Recruiting - You Collect The Money!
9/7/2012 6:41:33 PM

Introducing: GToo
he Best Financial Opportunity That You Are Likely To Ever see!
No Recruiting Required!
Get Signed up NOW And
Change Your Financial Destiny!


I know that most people who read this are probably already promoting one "Work From Home" business opportunity or another, or selling some "How To Do It" success system to help others be successful in their home business. Still, I hope YOU you will stay with me long enough to read this, because I can tell you flat out that about 99.9% of everything you see on the internet about how to make money DOES NOT WORK! Most people spend more money than they ever make!

So, no matter what you are doing now, I encourage you to stay with me long enough to read this while I tell you about GToo, the revolutionary new kind of PASSIVE INCOME (No Recruiting Required!) program where I know without a shadow of a doubt that you can make money, and lots of it!... IF you have a little bit of money to work with.

Because, even though you see free this, and free that everywhere you look on the internet,
when you get right down to it, that old saying that "you have to have money to make money is absolutely true. There is no such thing as a free lunch in business. If it says FREE, watch out for the hidden costs! You can bet that they are going to want you to spend some money along the way for one thing or another. Either that or sponsor a whole lot of new members who do put money into it, and pay your way in that way.

How To Earn The BIG PAYCHECKS With GToo!

When GToo first started (in August) it was set up as an "exclusive" members only Advertising "Club" for Genius 1000, and you already had to be a member of Genius 1000 in order to participate in GToo."Linda Cromwell", the Admin there (more about her below) set it up first as a way for current members to put some of their earnings from Genius 1000 into GToo and earn some really, really Big Paychecks! AND have it coming in a whole lot faster! AND it worked, Big Time! So well in fact that, we decided to break away from the parent (Genius 1000), and make this a completely separate program. Now YOU too can take advantage of this absolutely awesome financial opportunity!

Genius Too is a $10 per day subscription based advertising program. To get started, you will need to pay a one time Admin fee of $75 AND at least $100 to pay for one subscription for the first 10 days ($500 would be better so you can get 5 subscriptions). Each subscription will (in time) bring in a total of $70,000!! So, that's where we all start. With the $10 daily subscription. However, there are 3 other ways we make money with GToo.

1. We have the Pure Cash Infusion Bonus (PCIBL)
2. We have the EXTREME Pure Cash Infusion Bonus (PCIBL)
3. We have The Big Cash Rack, AND this is where it really gets to be exciting!

lick on the link below to see a flow chart which includes all of those and how they work

Click on this link to see more Pay Plan Details.

Earn Fast With The PCIBLS!

You will see these when you click on the links above. If you cannot afford to spend $10 per day
right now, you will like the PCIBLS. They provide a good way to get started and grow your money
fast, so you can afford subscriptions.

This is a 2 in and 1 out straight line. That means that every time 2 people come
in after you, you get paid.
You pay $25.00
You get paid $40.00 (that's a fast $15 profit!)

This is also a 2 in and 1 out straight line. That means that every time 2 people come
in after you, you get paid.
You pay $100.00
You get paid $175.00 (that's a fast $75 profit!)

The Extreme PCIBL(s)
We have two of them. Each is a 3 in and 1 out straight line.
That means that every time 3 people who come in after you,
you get paid.
Chose Extreme 1 and turn $250 into $550 (This goes fast!)
OR Extreme 2 and turn $500 into $1,100. (This also goes fast!)

The Big Cash Rack (BCR)
This is a 7 x 4 Forced Matrix
You pay $200 to enter the matrix
Each Entry Into Your Matrix on any level Pays $25.00
BCR Level 1 Pays $175.00 ($25 each for 7 people)
BCR Level 2 Pays $1225.00 ($25 each for 49 people)
BCR Level 3 Pays $8575.00 ($25 each for 343 people)
BCR Level 4 Pays $60025.00 ($25 each for 2,401
For A Total Pay Out Of $70,000.00

Meet The Admin - Linda Cromwell.

You will like Linda! First of all because unlike virtually all the other PASSIVE income programs out there, Linda puts herself right up front and does not hide her identity behind some website. She is easy to reach. Members communicate with her back and forth on a daily basis, and she is absolutely committed to the financial success of the fast growing membership!

This Is Probably The Best Financial Opportunity You Will Ever See! Get signed up NOW and check it out for yourself. You can sign up for free by clicking on the link below. However, you will need to pay the $75 Admin Fee and enter your $10 daily subscription to activate your account before you can start making money.
Don Evans
NOTE: This will take you to the website originally set up for Genius 1000 members. The best way to get to GToo right now, is to go there and sign up with Genius 1000. When you sign into your account, you will have a button there to click on to go to GToo. You can get started with Genius 1000 if you want to, it is still a good way to make money. OR simply WAIT a few days before you do anything. GToo will break away as a separate program within a matter of days, and when it does, YOU will be ready to get started. Also NOTE; That $75 Admin fee at GToo might change a little when we part from Genius 1000. Give or take a few dollars. We do not know yet.

All the best to you, and those you love!
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