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Welcome to The Player's Lottery® Affiliate Program.
8/30/2012 10:46:02 PM

Welcome to The Player's Lottery® Affiliate Program.

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Our unique structure means you will earn commission down through an incredible 5 levels of Player referrals and earn up to 5% gross commission on all 5 levels.
That is on GROSS SALES, not on net sales as most other affiliate programs. Plus, there are NO negative balances, NO deductions and NO negative carry-over.
It really is the perfect affiliate program.

But that is not all – as a bonus, if any of your customers win the main Jackpot, anywhere in your 5 level network, you will win €100,000!

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•Earn up to 5% gross commission down through 5 levels of referrals.
•Real time data and statistics.
•Safe and easy commission payouts.
•If anyone in your 5 levels wins the Jackpot – you win €100,000!
•Attentive and experienced account management.
•NO negative balances, NO deductions, NO negative carry-over.
•Register NOW for a chance to win €50,000

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RE: Welcome to The Player's Lottery® Affiliate Program.
9/3/2012 11:49:01 AM
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