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What is Pepper Spray?
5/17/2012 11:51:54 AM

WHAT IS PEPPER SPRAY? the Difference between Mace & Pepper Spray?

  • Pepper Spray is the absolute best means of non-lethalself defense.

  • The main ingredient in pepper spray is Oleoresin Capsicum.

  • Pepper spray is made from the O. C. in the pepper’s placenta.

  • This is 16% stronger than from any other part of the pepper plant.

  • This product is placed in a pressurized canister and can be sprayed.

  • Pepper Spray vs. Mace

    • Mace is NOW a name brand.
    • Don’t get Mace confused with Pepper Spray.

    • Originally Mace was a product that was an irritantthat was similar to what we know of as tear gas.

    • Pepper spray is an inflammatory agent.

    • Pepper spray has effects on those who feel no pain,for example, those under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

    • Mace may not have effect on those individuals.

    • Unlike pepper spray Mace will NOT cause inflammation of the capillaries causing temporary blindness, nausea, cut off all but life support breathing and create a very strong burning sensation.

    • Some of the Mace product line has Mace and Pepper Spray together.

    • Mace brand is 10% concentration of O.C.

    • Pepper spray has proven to be the best defense against dogs, bears, and other attackers.

    • Buy Your Pepper Spray here! No need to go out & search through a store. Have your product delivered to your door. Personal safety in a small package Where you are much more than a customer and we are much more than a web store
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    RE: What is Pepper Spray?
    5/18/2012 8:00:01 PM
    Sorry but I disagree with you. Pepper spray is almost as powerful as Mace. There are people who are allergic to pepper spray. There are side effects to the use of pepper spray. I believe you are supporting the use of a product that is not safe.
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    RE: What is Pepper Spray?
    5/19/2012 1:51:50 AM
    If Pepper Spray is so dangerous why would our government employees such as police officers and prison guards be exposed to it?
    For a short time I worked as a prison employee. During training I had the most unforgettable experience of my life! PEPPER SPRAY EFFECTS! It put us on the ground vomiting, choking, eyes tearing and burning. We had to be LED AWAY to a recovery area. I would, and I do, trust my life to the POWER OF PEPPER SPRAY. It will disable and render an attacker helpless. FOR A TIME
    Would it be better to use a gun? I firmly believe Pepper Spray is the best non-lethal self defense product on the market. Personal safety in a small package Where you are much more than a customer and we are much more than a web store

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